I'm a multihyphenate freelance writer/photographer based in Brighton, London, Paris and Chamonix. I take photographs of people, mountains and products for editorial, advertising or web use.

I also write for newspapers and magazines in connection with my photographs or about technology, and have written a couple of books over the years with a few new ones in the pipeline too.

Unusually (for a writer/photographer), I'm also a coder and have acted as CTO and Director of Engineering at a few international startups and corporates (like Creative Commons, Storyplanet, Microsoft and S&B). My LinkedIn is under 'Peter Barr-Watson' but private at the moment. Please request a connection there if required.

If you have a requirement for any of these things then please do get in contact, if not then have a look around and do come back!

 -- Pete
London, Nov 2015